K11 KEEN - Scholarship

To encourage young art lovers with passion in exploration, K11 KEEN offers 2 types of scholarships for application: Full Course Scholarship or Module Scholarship*.

*Note: Type of scholarship offered is subject to applicants’ interview performance and profile.


  • Students who have enrolled in Full-year K11 ART KEEN Programme
  • Passionate about learning art and active in art or other extra-curricular activities
  • Strong critical thinking, creativity and curiosity towards art and culture

Application Process

Application 30 Aug – 12 Oct 2015
Interview and Assessment Late October – Early November 2015
Release of results Mid November 2015

Terms and Conditions

  1. All Terms and Conditions apply to both Full Course Scholarship and Module Scholarship.
  2. Scholarship awardees are required to maintain 100% attendance in the whole year K11 ART KEEN programme and Enroll in K11 Art Docent with at least 30 service hours commitment within 1 year
  3. Scholarship will be released after the completion of K11 ART KEEN Programme by re-crediting the paid course fees.
  4. Successful applicants will be appointed as K11 ART KEEN Ambassador and required to have 100% attendance in all courses. All ambassadors are required to participate in all K11 related workshops, school tours, artist talks and promotional activities relevant to K11 ART KEEN programme.
  5. The Terms and Conditions of K11 ART KEEN shall apply.
More about the speakers

Interested applicants are required to submit the below supporting documents before deadline:

  1. The completed scholarship application form
  2. 50-words personal statement (in English or Chinese) about the reasons of joining K11 KEEN
    • Supplemented with any paintings, photos, videos, installations etc. are welcome
  3. Art work Portfolio (Optional)
  4. Copies of the academic records (the most recent academic year), certificates and relevant awards documents

Enquiry and Contact: E-mail: k11artinfinity@k11.com / Tel: 3118 8070